Listed Buildings

Many historic buildings are listed and subject to strict planning conditions, which can result in unforeseen problems when carrying out building work.  BBS Construction have years of experience in this specialist area and are able to work closely with architects and advise clients on a wide range of planning and construction issues surrounding the renovation and conversion of listed buildings.

All work is carried out to the highest of standards and BBS have a team of directly employed craftsmen that are able to use traditional materials in conjunction with modern construction methods to obtain the best effect.

BBS Construction have undertaken work on oast houses, barns and the Martello Tower, which include the refurbishment and alteration of the Old Stable Block and rebuilding of the listed bridge at Somerhill School.  In addition to these, they have refurbished a number of cottages in Westerham, the Manor House at Benenden School and Barham House at Cranbrook School.