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Land Wanted

Chartway Partnerships Group is committed to developing new homes for everyone that are low-energy and sustainable. As place-makers, we make decisions and actions to develop communities that we would want to live and work. Delivering the right homes in the right places; planning, designing and constructing homes that are sustainable, bring social impact and deliver best value and socio-economic outcomes.

To meet demand and support our growth plans across the South East of England, Chartway Partnerships Group is looking for land with development potential.

Available sites for 50-500 homes

With outline / detailed planning permission

Strategic Land upto 2,000 homes

Across South East England

If you have land which you think has development potential across the South-East, please contact the Chartway Land team at [email protected]

Our approach to land buying

  • Clear focus on the landowner
  • Our honest, robust and disciplined approach to securing sites provides security and confidence for the landowner
  • All opportunities are vigorously appraised before terms are agreed
  • Once a deal is agreed, our track record demonstrates our commitment and efficiency performing within agreed delivery timescales
  • Local knowledge means all bids are underpinned by our detailed understanding of the needs of the local housing market


We provide a collaborative approach to the achievement of planning consent. Our land and planning team have extensive knowledge and experience.

We are able to:

  • Produce planning strategies to promote land effectively, either through planning application or local plan.
  • We have a long established reputation with local planning authorities.
  • We proactively project manage sites.
  • We have a proven track record of effective communication with our landowners, local authorities and other stakeholders and partners, to facilitate a successful outcome.
  • We are able to access and deploy the necessary resources to ensure planning success.

Strategic Land

Our team research and identify new opportunities to secure strategic land where there is an opportunity to enhance value by promoting the land through the planning process, and will undertake responsibility from acquisition to achieving planning consents and subsequently preparing the land for residential development.

We are able to assist landowners in all aspects of the planning process, whether an opportunity is unallocated or allocated for development, whether it requires promotion, or indeed enjoys the benefit of an outline consent, or not.

We understand the importance of working closely with the landowner, maintaining excellent communication, and delivering on our shared objectives.  We are content to promote and acquire opportunities in our own right, or work with partners collaboratively within a promotion agreement or joint venture.