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Why we measure our impact

Each year we consider our impact on the community, environment, employees and how we govern our business. It helps us to do the right thing and put in place what needs to be done to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. That means never standing still, and always looking to improve. It’s how development should be done. 

All of our staff, at every level, share the same sense of social responsibility and seek to embed it into everything they do. We encourage our supply chain, consultants, advisors and investors to embrace the sustainable path that we are laying down for ourselves and the people who live in our homes.


Across our business, our staff are encouraged and empowered to positively impact the community; from charitable giving, active citizenship, volunteering and developing local supply chains, through to the development of sustainable products, processes and technology. Our focus is on leaving a positive legacy wherever we build. Doing all we can to help communities to live and thrive is part of that.


We are a business made up of families and friends. How we use natural resources, mitigate our environmental footprint and develop an energy efficient operation that supports positive climate change is personal to us. Measuring our impact on the environment is vital in ensuring we do everything we can to be sustainable in both word and deed.


Our business builds communities but to do it right we have to start with our own. Training and development, health and safety, diverse and inclusive policies, employee engagement. These are all key to getting the best out of our team. Our employees are our business, the key to our success. Investing in them builds trust and commitment, loyalty and motivation; laying the foundations for success now and in the future. 


A commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility is set at the highest level at Chartway Group. Our board drives and delivers on our promises. It is part of our culture and is reflected in our policies and procedures across the organisation. These have underpinned our success to date, helping to ensure the sites we develop, whether on our own or in partnership, always reflect best practice.