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Environmental Policy

Chartway Partnerships Group is committed to maintaining an effective environmental management system based upon the requirements of ISO 14001: 2015 that will be facilitated by setting Objectives and Targets which shall be monitored, measured, and reviewed at least annually. This commitment extends to all Group Business Units [Chartway Partnerships, Chartway Civil Engineering, Chartway Construction, Chartway Drylining, Chartway Building Supplies and Public Sector Partnerships], workplaces, employees, and others affected by our operations.

While all employees have a responsibility to carry out their tasks giving due regard to the environmental implications, the management accepts that it is responsible for ensuring that statutory requirements are met, and relevant codes of practice followed in order to guarantee ongoing environmental compliance.

Chartway Partnerships Group is committed to minimising the damage and impact on the local environment and community at every site on which we operate. This will be achieved through the preparation and implementation of our environmental management system and positive steps to minimise materials waste, noise, and dust emissions, as well as energy and water consumption as much as possible. The management will provide sufficient training and information to enable all employees to work in accordance with this Policy.

We recognise that waste management is a key issue for our business, and as a result, we are committed to liaising with our suppliers and customers to promote the best possible environmental practice in the selection, use and disposal of the products and materials. Through effective management of the supply chain and good housekeeping on site, unnecessary loss through damage will be minimised, and a recycling programme for plasterboard waste will be used wherever possible.

The management, employees and others working on any site on behalf of Chartway Partnerships Group need to remember that environmental controls must be maintained at the highest possible level, and that continued improvements in environmental performance can only be achieved by the cooperative efforts and total commitment of everyone within the business. Regular monitoring and review will ensure that this policy remains effective and aligned with the changing environmental landscape and regulatory requirements. We are dedicated to continual improvement in our environmental performance and will strive to exceed compliance standards in our pursuit of sustainable operations.

This Chartway Partnerships Group Policy Statement will be distributed to all employees, displayed prominently at workplaces, and available on request to interested parties. The Chartway Partnerships Group Policy Statement is continuously monitored and developed, undergoing a formal review annually. Amendments may be implemented as required by legislative changes or work practices.

Steven Cresswell

Chief Executive Officer Chartway Partnerships Group

June 2023